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Attention New Zumio Owners: Go Low and Slow

Attention New Zumio Owners: Go Low and Slow
One of the questions we are often asked is “How does Zumio’s intensity compare to that of a traditional vibrator”? We also hear from some users that Zumio is too intense and are asked “How can I control Zumio’s intensity level?” The purpose of this blog is to help readers understand how Zumio’s intensity compares to traditional vibrators and to highlight simple ways to use Zumio to help more sensitive users avoid the product feeling too intense.
Let’s address the first question, is Zumio as strong as a vibrator? The answer is a very clear, and possibly surprising, NO! Here's why: Vibrators actually generate much more energy than Zumio. Vibrators typically operate at high speed (6,000 – 8,000 RPM) and generate energy in pulses (frequency) that can be felt a long way away from where the touch is applied, especially if it is near bone. Vibrators aren’t very selective and shake everything that touches them including the clitoral region, hand and arm and even the entire body. Your body is full of nerve endings. All of them pick up these energy pulses in some form and send a wide array of signals to your brain. The all-important clitoral nerve is being stimulated but these sensations are masked with the signals from all of the other areas being vibrated as well. By comparison, Zumio delivers very high energy density via a small contact area (the tip) making the energy delivered to the clitoral nerve more selective so the brain gets very local nerve stimulation messages. Also, Zumio’s handle does not vibrate so the nerves in the hand and arm are not being involved.
Zumio is precise like an “artist’s brush” whereas a vibrator is more like a paint roller.
This very efficient energy transfer is what makes Zumio feel more intense when in fact it is simply a more isolated nerve response.
So, the second, related question is “How can I control Zumio’s intensity levels to suit my needs?” Here's what you need to know: Zumio was designed to automate the tried-and-true circular fingertip motion, Zumio is a finger that never gets tired! During manual masturbation, women will instinctively and randomly change finger pressure, slow down, speed up and move their finger location as they need to increase arousal. It’s very “play by ear”. Zumio’s unique tip and stylus simulates the same natural fingertip motion and allows users to dynamically go from high speed and intensity down to low speed and intensity by simply applying varying pressure to the tip. If you gently press on Zumio’s tip during contact, you can actually slow the tip down until it stops. The motor is running, but the tip is practically motionless. It’s like a clutch in a car to disengage the transmission even though the motor is running. Users who are more sensitive should practice applying pressure to slow the speed and intensity. Zumio’s patented motor clutch drive system, went through multiple prototype variations and testing before product. The unique system enables you to control Zumio’s intensity manually just by applying pressure, without the need to touch a control, a much more natural approach. We also suggest users touch the Zumio tip and stylus beside their clitoral shaft and use the clitoral hood as a way to absorb some of the energy. Direct clitoral glans contact is likely not necessary. Until you are familiar with using your Zumio, we recommend starting at the lowest speed and apply varying pressure to the tip until you can gauge the speed and intensity level that is right for you. Then, gently stimulate around the vaginal area first in order to warm up the region and excite the clitoral nerves - and when ready - begin to circle in closer to the clitoral area. As you become more familiar with Zumio, try different combinations of speed settings, tip pressure and physical placement. Enjoy experimenting with the endless versatility of sensations Zumio can deliver.



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