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“It satisfies my lust for intense, ultra-targeted sensations”


Zumio's Spiro-TipTM rotates instead of vibrating,
opening up entirely new ways to play.
"This toy's oscillating stem is the best thing we've found for focusing intense stimulation on the most sensitive parts of the vulva and clitoris."
Zumio X is proof that good things can also come in small packages. The teeny-tiny tip is meant for ultra-precise clitoral and labial stimulation, so if you like direct clit stimulation, this is your best bet.
"It's not technically a "vibrator" per se; its magic lies in its rotation technology, delivering "pinpoint stimulation exactly where you want"
"It’s as if every other clitoral toy right now either goes in for a sucking or a pounding, but this one goes in for a delicate triple Axel twirl. "

Rachel Wright, MA, LMFT

Licensed Psychotherapist and Sex Educator for Zumio

“ If you enjoy clitoral stimulation solo or with a partner, check out Zumio. There's nothing else like it out there - its not a vibrator, its a rotator. Its perfect for vulva-mapping, tracing all of your erogenous zones and known for its multiple, full-body orgasm potential.
Its fun, efficient and wonderful for all ages & bodies.


Our Zumio models feature unique tips and stems that deliver pleasure differently.

Experience Rotation

Zumio’s SpiroTip™ rotates in tiny circles, creating a completely unique sensation.

Explore & Discover

Use Zumio for precise stimulation in different areas to unlock new pleasure points.

Take Control

Customize your Zumio experience with 8 speeds and pressure-sensitive intensity.

Enjoy Confidently

Zumio is 100% waterproof, whisper quiet, body-safe, and includes a 2-year warranty.

Couples Play

Zumio’s small size makes it perfect to use during intercourse to provide stimulation when and where you want it.

“I consider myself a power user of Zumio! The product is revolutionizing sextech and the future of pleasure for all.”

Bryony Cole

Global SexTech Expert
Host, Future of Sex Podcast

For Every Body

Enjoy your personal pleasure experience

Sex Educator

Zumio has a tiny head that rotates instead of vibrates, which is perfect for figuring out the precise location of her favorite spots. It delivers all the power of a Hitachi magic wand in a head the size of a grain of rice.

10 ways Zumio can help you experience amazing orgasms



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