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Zumio is unlike any other product in the market today. It is as unique as you are.

Inspired by instinctive, natural motions, Zumio’s precision SpiroTip™ rotates in tiny circles, stimulating without vibration.

Whether you buy Zumio products from Retailers globally or directly from our Zumio online store, your satisfaction is of primary importance to us. We know you will be happy with the pleasure Zumio will bring for many years to come.

Here you will find answers to the questions we get asked most about including solo and partner exploration.

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shop ZUMIO

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Popular questions and answers


Our customers love our products and are extremely satisfied – as we know you will be too. Our Frequently Asked Questions provide insights into the Zumio experience. Our customer support team is available to assist you with any information or questions so please do Contact Us for help.

About Zumio
Zumio has radically changed the sex toy industry with its innovative design, discreet styling, and “rotation not vibration”, precision SpiroTip™. Zumio rotates in tiny circles, creating a sensation that is unique and different to any other product in the industry. We are proud to be the recipient of many design and adult industry awards since Zumio’s introduction 5 years ago. Zumio has been specially designed to adjust its intensity depending on how much pressure you use. Push gently for rapid rotation and intensity, or push a little more firmly for slower, deeper, and more intense stimulation. Zumio is whisper quiet, discreet, body-safe, 100% waterproof to 3 feet (1 meter), and includes a Limited 2-Year Warranty. Explore and discover your body! Sensitivity is personal, your exploration options should be as well. Zumio has got you covered.
How do I use my Zumio?

We designed a welcome video for you. Please take a moment to learn about your Zumio and all of its features.


Customer Support - Zumio


Zumio is a Totally Natural Experience!

Zumio’s inventors understood that self-pleasure needs to feel natural and intuitive. Our ability to adapt the speed and pressure of our own motions is so instinctive, we don’t even realize we’re doing it. This is what makes Zumio so special. The precision SpiroTipTM mimics the rotational movement of a finger, and its pressure sensitivity adjusts the depth and speed of the stimulation as if it was reading your mind – all without needing to adjust a single control.

Selecting Your Zumio

At the heart of every Zumio you’ll find the same long-lasting battery, pressure-sensitive assembly, and powerful motor that delivers exploration with rotation, not vibration. What makes each model different is its unique stem and tip design:

Zumio X

  • Circular rotation pattern
  • Long flexible stem
  • Spherical tip
  • Concentrated energy

Zumio S

  • Circular rotation pattern
  • Short flexible stem
  • Large spherical tip
  • Broad even stimulation

Zumio e

  • Elliptical rotation
  • Curved rigid stem
  • Teardrop-shaped tip
  • High precision stimulation

Zumio i

  • Elliptical rotation pattern
  • Broad contact area
  • Spoon-shaped tip
  • Diffuse stimulation
Which Zumio should I buy?

Zumio X, S, e and i feature unique stems and tips, achieving arousal differently, for your unique pleasure experiences. Zumio has been specially designed to adjust its intensity depending on how much pressure you use. Push gently for rapid rotation and intensity, or push harder for slower, deeper, and more intense stimulation.

Each model delivers unique sensations depending on your moods and the level of excitement you – and/or your partner wish to achieve.

Explore the unique details of each of the Zumio models on their product pages below:

Your Order

All the information you need to place an order with Zumio can be found here. Please contact if you need assistance.

How do I place an order?
Please go to our Shop page. There is a drop down menu for each Zumio model. You can read and compare features there. When you are ready to purchase your model(s) simply scroll down beneath the picture(s) of the Zumio and click on the button. A shopping cart list will appear on the right hand side of the screen. Details of your purchase will be there. The total(s) price you see are for the Zumio product only. Shipping and taxes are added as you proceed through the checkout process.
Why should I order online?
  1. It’s Fast – Our Shop page provides a quick and easy shopping experience for you
  2. Shipping Convenience – Shipping charges are calculated before check out. You will see the total cost including shipping before completing your order.
  3. Peace of mind – You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your order is placed
  4. Tracking – We will send order tracking details to you
Do you offer discounts for online ordering?
Yes, from time to time, our website offers price discounts and gifts with purchase on Zumio models. Keep checking back on our website for the latest offer.
What currency are your prices in?
Our prices are in US Dollars.
What information do I need to provide for an order?

You will need to provide:

  • Decide which products you would like to order
  • Provide your email
  • Your first and last name
  • Your complete address including postal code
  • A form of payment
  • You can choose to save your information for a quick and easy reorder
How do I pay for my order?
You can pay for your order with a valid credit card (VISA, Mastercard and American Express) or with Paypal.
What are the shipping and handling costs?
Your shipping and handling costs can be seen as you proceed through the checkout process and before you checkout.
When will I receive my order?
Shipping dates and expected date of delivery is provided as you proceed through the checkout process. Typical delivery times are from 2 days to 5 days but can run longer depending on your country and location.
How will I know if my order has been received?
You will receive a confirmation email as soon as you place your order.
How do I cancel my order?
Contact customer service by email at .
How do I contact customer service?
Contact customer service by email at .


All the information you need regarding the shipment of your order can be found here. Please contact if you need assistance.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship around the world.
Do you ship to a PO Box?
Yes, we ship to PO Boxes.
Do I have a discreet shipping option?
Yes indeed. We ship in plain, brown boxes. Your address and the shipping label are on the outside of the box.
May I request a signature upon delivery option?
Yes. Contact to arrange. You will need to be home to receive the parcel or additional charges may apply to deliver the product a second time.
I never received my Zumio. Can you help?

Yes. Please email and provide:

  • A photo of your receipt clearly showing the purchase
  • A photo of the product
  • A photo of the 6-digit code on the back of your unit
  • The tracking number you were provided

We will investigate and contact you with a solution.

I received a damaged Zumio. What should I do?

Please email and provide:

  • A photo of your receipt clearly showing the purchase
    • A photo of the product
    • A photo of the 6-digit code on the back of your unit
    • The tracking number you were provided


Technical questions you may have regarding your Zumio are answered here. Please contact if you need assistance.

Is my Zumio only meant to be used externally?
Yes. The Zumio product is designed and approved for external use only and is not intended for internal use.
How many speed settings does my Zumio have?
Your Zumio has 8 speed settings. It always starts in the lowest setting.
How do I adjust the speed settings?
Easily. Your Zumio has 8 speed settings. Zumio always starts in the lowest speed. Each click at the very top and centre of the infinity symbol increases the speed by one step. Each click of the bottom and centre of the infinity symbol decreases the speed by one step. The speed steps are small however noticeable and clearly heard.
I want to use lubes or gels with my Zumio. Can I?
Yes. Although, Zumio can be used very comfortably on its own, if you prefer to use lubricants, we recommend water-based lubricants as silicone-based lubricants could degrade the tip materials.
Whats the best way to hold my Zumio?
On an angle like a pen or paintbrush. Zumio is intended to be used more parallel to your body so both the tip and the stem can be used to excite surfaces you touch. You vary intensity feeling by varying a gentle pressure on the tip and stem. The pressure control works best at the lowest speed settings. Zumio is not intended to be used perpendicular to your body, we do not recommend using the product like a pointer to push the tip directly into surfaces. Using Zumio products at an angle gives you complete control over where and how to use the tip and stem for targeted and precise stimulation.
Is my Zumio waterproof?
Yes. Your Zumio is entirely waterproof and can be enjoyed in up to 3 feet/1 meter of water for a brief time.
Can I increase the intensity of my Zumio?
Yes. You control the intensity by using the tip and stem and applying pressure and changing to one of the 8 speeds. Using the tip and touching different locations on the stem with different pressures and speeds will result in a variety of pleasurable sensations and experiences.
Does Zumio just rotate in one pattern?
Yes. Zumio is designed with a single rotating motion. A variety of patterns were evaluated with users and we discovered through testing that patterns of rotational movement did not increase the pleasure over a single pattern. For ease of use, fewer buttons and controls and intuitive use of the product the design team unanimously decided to remove patterns from the product. For ease of use, the design team unanimously chose to provide users with a simple set of buttons and no extra patterns.
How do I know if my Zumio is charging?
Zumio uses induction charging which takes a little longer than conventional charging. The unit may be slightly warm to the touch after it has been charging for awhile but is perfectly safe.
I want to travel with my Zumio. Am I able to do so?
Yes. Your Zumio is designed to travel either in checked or hand luggage. The Zumio battery is also airplane approved. It is not a lithium battery.
I want to leave my Zumio in its charging cradle. Is that ok?
Yes. Your Zumio will recharge as it needs to. Otherwise the cradle acts as a base.
I am worried that my Zumio might turn on accidentally in my luggage. Is there anything I should do?

Hold the Power Button until you hear 3 pulses which indicates your Zumio is now in travel mode. Your Zumio will stay in travel mode until you deactivate it. To deactivate the travel mode, press the power button and wait until you hear it pulse 3 times. You have now disengaged the travel mode and your Zumio is ready to use.

Travel mode will not work if the unit is on when you hold the power button down, unit must be off when you press and hold the power key (which turns unit on, keep holding until the 3 pulses).

How do I charge my Zumio when I am travelling?

Easily. Common plugs used for smartphone charging also work for your Zumio. Make sure to take your Zumio charging cable with you. Any international adapter USB wall charger will work. See photos.

How long will my Zumio last once I have charged it?
That depends on your playtime. It also depends on how much pressure and the speeds you use. The speed setting has a slight impact on battery life. How hard you press the tip will also affect the motor power required. Generally speaking around 2 hours of pleasure time is typical. It may be less or slightly more. Once you become familiar with your Zumio you will have a good sense of the play and recharge time.
Is my Zumio environmentally friendly?
Yes. All of our Zumio products and packaging are RoHS safety standard-compliant and carbon neutral. We source and use high-quality recyclable materials and are FCC-USA/EU-Europe certified. Please do remove the rechargeable battery and dispose of it as per your local hazardous waste collection disposal methods.
Is my Zumio body safe?
Yes, absolutely. Your Zumio is carefully designed and manufactured with a combination of body-safe materials. These include: medical-grade silicone, high-performance grade thermoplastics, high-quality ABS plastics and body-safe metal.
Have there been any contraindications using Zumio?
We have not had any reports of contraindications using Zumio. Please discontinue use of Zumio if it causes pain, numbness or adversely affects other medical conditions.


This section will help you troubleshoot any issues with your Zumio. Please contact if you need assistance.

I am charging my Zumio and it feels very warm? Is this normal?
Yes. Your Zumio will feel warm to the touch when charging. The battery in your Zumio charges slowly and safely at a slightly higher temperature than a fast charging battery.
I think my tip is not moving correctly? Is there something I should do?

Yes. Your Zumio tip does rotate in a circular and elliptical pattern when in use. However, if the tip moves oddly and is noisy. This can be easily adjusted. Please watch this brief video to make the adjustment. You may also contact by email at


Customer Support - Zumio

Video: How do I fix a dislodged tip

User Guide

Each Zumio arrives with a User Guide. We also provide an online version for your easy reference.

View Zumio User Guide

Zumio Warranty

All the information you need regarding your Zumio and our Limited Warranty can be found here. Please contact us at if you need any assistance.

What does your two - year Limited Warranty cover?
The Limited two-year Limited Warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal use.

Note: The Zumio tips are made to be extremely durable and cannot break during regular use, the manufacturers warranty does not cover broken tips.
I think there is something wrong with my Zumio. What should I do?
Review our Troubleshooting FAQ first. If you still need help then contact us by email at or by using our toll free phone number 1.800.646.1233. We will troubleshoot with you.
How do I file a warranty claim?

A claim under your warranty can be made if you have registered your product AND if it is within the warranty period.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Place of purchase – Follow the warranty replacement policy from the original purchase location. Return the product to the place of purchase, preferably in the original packaging.  You will be provided a replacement Zumio.
  2. ManufacturerIf there is an issue with the original place of purchase please contact us by email at or at our toll free number 1.800.646.1233. We will need:
    • The name of the place of purchase
    • The address of the place of purchase
    • The name of the person at the place of purchase you dealt with.

We will investigate and provide a solution for you.

I lost my proof of purchase. Can you still help?

Yes if you registered your Zumio at the time of purchase. Please email us:

Yes if you registered your Zumio at the time of purchase. Please email us:

  • A photo of your receipt clearly showing the purchase within the warranty period
    • A photo of the product
    • A photo of the 6-digit code on the back of your unit

We will verify your product registration and warranty and proceed with next steps.

How do I return my Zumio to you?
We are unable to accept returns – once Zumio is delivered – due to the intimate nature of the product. Please remove the rechargeable battery and manage it according to your local hazardous waste methods. Please dispose of the remainder of the unit in regular trash.
What is your return policy?

All the information you need regarding your Zumio and our Return Policy can be found here.  Please contact us  at if you need any assistance.

Once Zumio has been purchased and delivered, it is considered used and non-returnable and non-refundable. This is a policy standard within the personal products industry and is in place to protect all our customers. We do not accept returns due to the intimate nature of the product.

Products that do not operate as specified in user manual will be replaced according to our Warranty policy. Products that need to be disposed of in waste we recommend you follow your local community Disposal instructions for products with batteries and electronics.

This product contains a nickel-metal hydride battery that may contain substances that could impact health and the environment if not properly disposed of. The crossed-out wheeled bin symbol on the product packaging informs you that the product should not be placed in your household municipal waste and invites you to use the appropriate take-back systems in your community for product disposal. If you need more information on the collection, reuse, and recycling systems available to you in your location, please contact your local or regional waste administration.



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