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JimmyJane Focus vs. Zumio: What Sexperts Say

JimmyJane Focus vs. Zumio: What Sexperts Say
In the small world of sex toy enthusiasts, Zumio has become a bit of a celebrity. The unique revolution technology plus vibration free handle creates unique pleasure experiences for every body. So it’s only natural that new products would try to mimic the experience. Such was the case with the JimmyJane Focus, a vibrator with a new form factor that has been compared to Zumio. Hear what these sexperts have to say about the two devices: Miss Ruby: JimmyJane Focus Review miss-ruby-sexpert
  • Bearing a not-suspicious-at-all resemblance to the highly popular Zumio toys, the Focus is Jimmyjane’s answer to nobody’s question for a super-high frequency sonic clitoral vibrator.
  • Ultra pin point stimulation became a renewed ‘in’ thing a little while ago when Zumio released its line of toys (those toys will take any pin-point stimulation lover to their knees… they’re very intense).
  • So I mean, hey, some people who loved the Zumios (or want to try the Zumios) might feel a natural, inexplicable pull to buy the Jimmyjane Focus. Well, resist it spend $50 more at SheVibe and get the Zumio X (for hardcore pin-point zealots) or the Zumio S (my personal fave).
Read full review by Miss Ruby here
Emmeline Peaches: JimmyJane Focus Vibrator Review emmeline-peaches-photo
  • "The Jimmyjane Focus Sonic Rechargeable Pinpoint Vibrator is Jimmyjane’s offer in the sonic pulsating market that has previously belonged almost exclusively to Zumio"
  • “And where the Zumio feels great the Jimmyjane Focus Sonic Rechargeable Pinpoint Vibrator feels…well…intrusive.”
  • "What I can take from this review (and what I hope helps you) is that the Zumio has perfected its art and is the better purchase by far."
Read full review by Emmeline Peaches here.



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