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Chinese Newspaper Features Zumio

Chinese Newspaper Features Zumio
Zumio was spotted in a South China Morning Post article about normalizing sexual health discussion in China. The story included a large feature image of Sally Toy’s - a Hong Kong based sex toy retail chain - and the Zumio S and Zumio X retail stand can be seen in the background.
zumio-chinese-sex-toy-store Zumio retail stand shown on display in South Morning Chinese Post article.
Spotting the image brought a big smile across the faces of the Zumio team. Navigating the language, cultural and distance barriers in Asian countries has been challenging but very rewarding. The Chinese, Japnese and South Korean sex toy industries are undergoing a major shift. New modern, luxury sex toy shops focused on education and exclusivity are replacing the older seedy shops.
“Ten years ago, most of the sex toy shops were decorated in a male-dominant way. Females might feel awkward and uncomfortable visiting them,” says Lui Wing-hang, who owns Sally’s Toy.
The gender-neutral, versatility of Zumio is providing a sexual benefits to both male and female Chinese customers. We look forward to ramping up sales volume in the Asian market and getting our feet on the ground again to meet with distributors and retailers across China, South Korea, Japan.



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