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Zumio is rechargeable by simply inserting it into the stand-up charging base.

The charging base is powered via a standard USB to micro-USB cable that is provided. A standard micro-USB wall adaptor available in most households or a computer with a USB port can be used to charge the unit. Aesthetically, the Zumio unit is designed to fit the charging station in one direction however the device will charge equally well placed in either direction.

When the product is inserted into the charger, the charging base has a blinking LED. Zumio can be removed and used at any time during the charging cycle. No need to wait!

View more info on charging Zumio here.

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Free shipping

Discreet packaging

Secure payment

2-year warranty


Game Changer

“Zumio has been a game changer in the bedroom”
- Evelyn T.

Intense Orgasms

“Zumio gets me to a more intense and satisfying orgasm”.
- Sara B.

Partner Play

"This product is super fun to play with, and with my partner" - Lynn E.

Patented SpiroTip Technology

Wireless USB Charging Dock

8 Speed Settings

100% Waterproof

Travel Lock

Download User Guide

Material: Body-safe silicone and ABS
Color: Deep purple
User time: Up to 2h
Size: 22.3 x 7.7 x 6 cm / 8.9 x 3 x 2.3 in
Weight: 320 g / 0.68 lb

How to use
It’s Different
Every Body

Own Your Orgasm With A Game Changer.

Patented pressure-intensity of your choosing
Your orgasm is yours. You know your body best above anyone else. We put the control in your hands with our patented pressure-sensitive technology, where the intensity and power of your toy changes based on the pressure you put on it – not pre-programmed buttons.

Rotates Instead of Vibrates
Zumio gives a completely unique sensation compared to other products. The Spiro-Tip™ rotates to create a whole new range of pleasure sensations like nothing before. It’s not penetrative like a dildo, it’s not suction and it’s not vibration, after you try Zumio, you realize it’s opened up entire new ways to play,

8 Settings and Define-It-Yourself Power
A whole new universe of exploration with 8 settings, starting from a light hum to an intense whir. But, ultimately the power is in your hands with the Spiro-Tip™.

You Belong
You are exactly where you are meant to be in this moment. Your needs, your feelings, your reactions and your body responses are valid. Zumio’s precise tip and pressure-sensitive intensity lets you create the experience you want. You lead and we’ll follow.

The formula for the perfect Orgasm is here

The greatest precision clitoral stimulator on the market.

Endorsed by an international panel of
design innovators and thinkers.

"It’s as if every other clitoral toy right now either goes in for a sucking or a pounding, but this one goes in for a delicate triple Axel twirl. "
- Vice: Zumio Review

"It's not technically a "vibrator" per se; its magic lies in its rotation technology, delivering "pinpoint stimulation exactly where you want it"
- Oprah Magazine

Free Shipping


Discreet Packaging


Secure Payment


2 Year Warranty


Designed for Sexual Exploration

We are ready to take the next step towards sexual empowerment and exploration. The luxurious and patented SpiroTip™ gives a completely different sensation compared to other products. The user controlled tip has a range of rotations from 7000 rpm to as low as 200 pulses per minute with light pressure touch changes to the stem, putting the power directly in the user’s hands.

Meet Zumio Xena

Rooted in connection, and not separation, Xena leads boldly with the bulb of a warrior, curious about exploring your pleasure. Xena will get you there, every time with their no-turning-back sensation along the stem and explosive energy at the tippy-tip-tip.
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Meet Zumio Xena

Rooted in connection, and not separation, Xena leads boldly with the bulb of a warrior, curious about exploring your pleasure. Xena will get you there, every time with their no-turning-back sensation along the stem and explosive energy at the tippy-tip-tip.
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Experience Rotation

Zumio’s SpiroTip™ rotates in tiny circles, creating a completely unique sensation.

Explore & Discover

Use Zumio for precise stimulation in different areas to unlock new pleasure points.

Take Control

Customize your Zumio experience with 8 speeds and pressure-sensitive intensity.

Enjoy Confidently

Zumio is 100% waterproof, whisper quiet, body-safe, and includes a 2-year warranty.

Couples Play

Zumio’s small size makes it perfect to use during intercourse to provide stimulation when and where you want it.

Every customer will get Zumio's "Mapping Your Pleasure" guide absolutely free, with every purchase ($25 value)

Zumio is a Unique Experience!

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Hand-Held Wands




Suction Toys

Deliver Clitoral Orgasm*
Stimulate Small Sensual Spots
Control Intensity With Touch, Not Buttons
No vibration
Low energy use – green product
Direct stimulation during Penis-in-Vagina Intercourse

easy to hold

hard to hold

*Each product creates different orgasm experiences, Zumio provides a unique exciting orgasm, different than all the others. Read more

This is a must-share

World’s first and Only - a unique experience!
Unmatched concentrated energy intensity
Patented Spiro-Tip
TM technology
Designed with small tip and reach, for vulva mapping

Something you'll want to tell your best girlfriends about
We can't speak for the others, but we know this is true from our customers .

Helps with mental health, maintaining peace and strong sense of self.
Your orgasm is yours. We want you to have them often.

Own Your Orgasm
Committed to sexual empowerment.
By browsing for sex toys, for your pleasure, YOU are the real driver of owning your orgasm! Go on, sis!


See what women all over the world are loving about the Zumio

Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers love our products and are extremely satisfied – as we know you will be too. Our Frequently Asked Questions provide insights into the Zumio experience. Our customer support team is available to assist you with any information or questions so please do Contact Us for help.
About Zumio

Zumio has radically changed the sex toy industry with its innovative design, discreet styling, and “rotation not vibration”, precision SpiroTip™. Zumio rotates in tiny circles, creating a sensation that is unique and different to any other product in the industry. We are proud to be the recipient of many design and adult industry awards since Zumio’s introduction 4 years ago. Zumio has been specially designed to adjust its intensity depending on how much pressure you use. Push gently for rapid rotation and intensity, or push a little more firmly for slower, deeper, and more intense stimulation. Zumio is whisper quiet, discreet, body-safe, 100% waterproof to 3 feet (1 meter), and includes a Limited 1-Year Warranty. Explore and discover your body! Sensitivity is personal, your exploration options should be as well. Zumio has got you covered.

How do I use my Zumio?

We designed a welcome video for you. Please take a moment to learn about your Zumio and all of its features.

Watch 'How to Use Zumio' video here.

How do I turn on my Zymio?

Zumio’s on/off button is located just below the infinity∞symbol. Press to turn on and press to turn off.

How should I clean my Zumio?

Please clean your Zumio after every use. We recommend mild antibacterial soap, warm water and a soft cloth. Do not use toy cleaners or any other cleaners on Zumio products.


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