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Squirting: Everything You Need To Know About What It Is And How To Do It

Squirting: Everything You Need To Know About What It Is And How To Do It

Squirting— we've seen this term appear in magazine headlines, the titles of sex and relationship advice books, and there are even hundreds of sex toys designed specifically for this activity.

But what is squirting really? Is squirting cumming? Can you squirt after menopause? And how do you make yourself squirt? We have answers. This is your not-so-average guide to everything you need to know about squirting. 

Is squirting cumming?

While many people associate squirting with cumming, squirting is not the same as cumming. Cumming— aka having an orgasm— is the sudden, involuntary release of sexual tension, while squirting is when clear, watery fluid is expunged from the urethra. Physically, they are two different things. 

However, for many people, both cumming and squirting feel very pleasurable and sometimes people squirt and cum at the same time. Most people don’t have control over if or when they squirt, so some people involuntarily squirt and cum at the same time, and those who do have control over when they squirt might choose to do it at the same time they orgasm.

Squirting is also different from vaginal ejaculation— also known as female ejaculation— according to a study published in 2011. While squirting is when watery fluid comes out of the urethra, vaginal ejaculation is when a small amount of thick, whitish fluid, that is actually quite similar to semen, comes from the Skenes gland. 

Can you squirt after menopause?


Sadly, there’s no research on if you can squirt after menopause. For many, menopause makes it more difficult to get aroused, lubricated, and orgasm. Since being highly aroused is an important element of squirting, menopause could make it more difficult to squirt. However, it’s also possible that for others, menopause makes it easier to squirt. 

If you’re curious as to whether you or a partner are able to squirt after menopause, you can try the step-by-step guide below on how to make yourself squirt and how to squirt with vibrator. 

How do you make yourself squirt?


Wondering how to make yourself squirt? You’ve come to the right place. While there’s no one-size-fits all way to make yourself squirt, there are some different techniques you can try. Follow these steps to learn how to squirt. 

1) Spend a lot of time warming up
One of the most important parts of squirting is being fully aroused. During arousal, your uterus lifts (creating more space), the muscles surrounding your vagina relax, and the vaginal canal widens— sometimes even doubling in size! All of these elements are super important to squirting and if you’re not fully aroused, it’s likely you won’t be able to squirt. 

Spend ample time getting turned on and relaxing. While the amount of time it takes to get turned on varies from person to person, consider setting a timer for at least 20 minutes and simply enjoy touching yourself and exploring your body during this time. You can even try our step-by-step visual guide on how to masturbate with a Zumio. 

2) Add lube

While many people think of lube as something you use to make everything mechanically “work” better, lube is actually equally important for enhancing sensations and making touch more pleasurable. Lube reduces friction, increases the sensitivity of touch, and helps your hands glide over your clitoris or into your vagina. Be sure to use lots of lube as you’re warming up.

3) Insert two fingers

Once you’re adequately turned on, insert two fingers into your vagina with the palm of your hand facing your stomach. People typically use their pointer finger and middle finger or their ring finger and middle finger.

To know if you’re adequately aroused, feel or look to see if your clitoris has grown in size— this is a sign of increased blood flow. You can also tell if you’re ready to insert your fingers if you can feel that you want them inside of you. If the idea of being penetrated with your fingers doesn’t sound pleasurable, this can be a sign you’re not ready. 

4) Rock your hand back and forth

Once you’ve inserted two fingers, rock your fingers back and forth. While many people recommend using the “come hither” method, in which you move your confers in a “come here” motion to stimulate the g-spot, Lola Jean, Sexuality Educator and world recorder holder for largest volume squirting, writes in an article to also try rocking your hand back and forth.

This way, your knuckles can stimulate your perineum (the area between your vagina and anus) each time you rock forward, and the natural curve of your fingers will target the g-spot. 

5) Pay Attention to Your Body:
Don’t focus just on the technique, pay attention to what you like
As you’re learning to squirt, don’t strictly perform the techniques you learn about— pay attention to what you like and what feels good too.

Squirting typically happens when you’re experiencing pleasure and enjoying yourself, so if you’re simply moving your hands in a motion because that’s what you’ve been told, it probably won’t work. Instead, use these techniques as a starting point to find what feels really good for you. 

6) Try Edging Yourself

Edging is when you come close to having an orgasm, stop just before you climax, and then repeat the process over again— sometimes several times.

Doing this increases blood flow over a longer period of time and intensifies arousal. Since one of the most important ingredients for squirting is being adequately aroused, some people find that edging helps them build up their arousal enough to the point that they’re able to squirt. 

6) Relax: If you feel like you need to pee, it's okay

Many people describe that the moment before they squirt it feels like they need to pee. While this can feel confusing, in order to squirt, you actually need to relax into that feeling and let it happen.

If you shut down the feeling that you need to pee, you will likely stop yourself from squirting. Some people mentally struggle to relax into the feeling because they’re worried it will make a mess. If this is the case, find a comfortable place to get messy so you can let yourself squirt— consider laying down one or several towels, a waterproof sheet, or experimenting in the bath or shower.

How to squirt with a vibrator?


There are lots of ways to squirt with a vibrator. Follow these steps to try to squirt with vibrator. 

I. Find the vibrator that’s right for you
There are so many vibrators out there you can use to squirt. The best place to start is with a curved g-spot vibrator, as g-spot stimulation is the most common way to squirt. 

II. Perform steps one and two above
To squirt with a vibrator, you’ll start the same way you would with your fingers— by spending 20-ish minutes building up arousal and incorporating lots of lube. 

III. Insert the vibrator and rock it back and forth
After you’re adequately aroused, turn the toy on and insert the vibrator into your vagina so that the curve of the toy is facing your stomach. Next, rock the toy back and forth, angling it toward your stomach so that the head of the vibrator makes contact with your g-spot, and then move away. 

IV. Perform steps five and six above
Once you’re rocking the toy back and forth, follow steps five and six in the section above to bring yourself to squirt. 

    For some, squirting is extremely pleasurable and for others, it isn’t their thing. If you want to make yourself squirt, try to have fun with the process instead of putting pressure on yourself, and remember, you don’t need to squirt to enjoy sex.



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