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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Having Orgasms

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Having Orgasms

Orgasms feel amazing. But did you know they also are beneficial to your health?

Yes, it’s true. Orgasms happen in the brain and manifest as a physical experience, so your brain and body are positively affected by this beautiful moment (or moments) of climax. And, the more you know your body (check out Zumio’s vulva mapping guide), the more likely you are to enjoy and climax.

Not all sex is about reaching orgasm, but when it’s time — here are five pretty convincing reasons to give yourself more orgasms on the regular.

1) Feel more relaxed, less anxious, and happier

Part of your brain, called the lateral obital frontal cortex, shuts down while you orgasm, which is part of what makes you feel more relaxed. Regular sex keeps good levels of these feel-good neurotransmitters orgasm and neuropeptides in your system. This also helps relieve stress, improve sleep, enhance your immunity and boost your overall mood.

Just this benefit alone is worth taking the time to orgasm, right? Plus, with Zumio you can orgasm easily solo or in partnered sexy time.


2) Temporary Pain Relief

If you experience chronic pain or menstruate and get cramps — ta-da! A pleasurable treatment method. Oxytocin doesn’t just bond you and make you happy — it can help relieve everything from headaches to whiplash to labor pain to arthritis to scoliosis. Dr. Barry Komisaruk and Beverly Whipple, Ph.D., did a study in which rats produced a pain-blocking effect after orgasm, which was more potent than 10 milligrams of morphine per kg of body weight.

Another finding in that study? When women had orgasms, their pain thresholds went up by more than 108%. This pain relief only lasts about 8 to 10 minutes, and Dr. Whipple is researching how to make it last longer.

If you’re multi-orgasmic, try the Zumio S or I — they’re perfect and will increase those 8-10 minutes by helping you orgasm over and over and over again.


3) Improved Cardiovascular Health

One study found that women who enjoy regular orgasms have a decreased risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. (Yet another reason to grab a Zumio!) Orgasms keep your blood pressure low, which helps with so many things, including anti-aging (in addition to boosting estrogen and collagen in women).

Why is this? Several reasons: sexual activity is a form of exercise, and all genders experience stretching of muscles and tendons and hormonal fluctuations, which all promote cardiovascular fitness.

Another reason? Having sex with someone you love or are close with and it’s good. It modifies the person’s response and recovery to stress —- reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.


4) Increases Body Confidence

I’ve talked before about how confidence isn’t a trait; it’s a state — and when we focus on how much pleasure our bodies can give us vs. just what our body looks like, the more sexy folks feel. Wise did a study that showed the more sex the participants had, the more confidence they experienced in their body during and not during sex.

Additionally, when we know our bodies well and can bring ourselves to orgasm and/or teach someone to bring us to orgasm, it’s an empowering feeling that leads to confidence. If you don’t know your body very well and you have a vulva, try to vulva map. Any of the models Zumio has created are good for that AND there’s the free guide. Check it out.


5) Strengthens your pelvic floor

The muscles that engage during Kegel exercises are activated and used during orgasm. A study that was published in the Journal of Women’s Health, Issues, & Care stated that with frequent orgasms, the pelvic floor would be stronger and healthier. Plus, the stronger your pelvic floor muscles are, the stronger your orgasms can be. This is a great cycle to get yourself stuck in.

Sometimes with pelvic floor stuff, internal toys can hurt (and sometimes they’re needed!) — but if they hurt and they’re not needed yet, try an external clitoral toy like Zumio so that the muscles get activated without going near the muscle itself.


If you’re struggling with reaching orgasm, try to switch things up:

Get a new toy that simulates a sensation you know you already like, but does something the human body can’t. For example, if you love the sensation of a tongue flicking your clitoris, get a toy that flicks quickly and a good lubricant.

If you enjoy internal g-spot stimulation, get a wand or dildo meant for internal g-spot stimulation (and still don’t forget the lube). I

f you like any sort of clitoral stimulation, try a Zumio. It’s truly such a versatile toy. This National Orgasm Day — celebrate yourself and your pleasure.

Prioritize your pleasure. And while you’re doing that you’ll be strengthening your pelvic floor, increasing your body confidence, improving your cardiovascular health, experiencing temporary pain relief, and feeling happier, less anxious, and more relaxed. Pretty cool. Huh? 



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