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Tell the World About Zumio and Earn Money at the Same Time!

Sign up now to become a Zumio Affiliate! Make a 20% commission on every sale from your website, blog or social media. We provide you with high-quality Zumio media assets including logos, banners and images.

Plus 180 Day Cookies that allow you to capture commissions from all your referrals.

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Affliate Program FAQ

Buying direct from Zumio is only available in countries where we have 2-Day shipping setup. This includes Canada and the United States.

If customers from another country try to purchase Zumio they will be restricted from completing the purchase based on their address.

We plan to add UK and Europe sales in July 2020.

Commission payments are sent out on the 20th of every month.
You can see what your commission account is at any time by logging into the Shareasale dashboard.

Here are five great reasons to join the Zumio affiliate program:

1) Start making money now:

You will earn an industry-leading 20% commission on every sale you refer to www.myzumio.com.

2) Improve your website and social profiles:

Enhance your website and social media profiles with access to heaps of professional graphic content to help you drive traffic and engagement.

View Media Library

3) Prompt and regular payments:

We pay commissions on time and automatically every month. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

4) Real-time dashboard to track commissions:

All sales are tracked in real-time to the Shareasale affiliate dashboard where you can log in and track your earnings.

5) Ongoing Support:

Zumio is a fast-growing Canadian adult toy startup with an exciting innovative product and a solid track record for customer service and retailer support. Our team is contactable and open to discussing the finer details of your affiliate account at any time, just reach to us at sales@myzumio.com

You can view and download the full library of Zumio creative material below:

Zumio Media Library

After you signup and are approved to the Zumio affiliate program you receive a unique affiliate referral link to myzumio.com.  You place the unique referral link on your blogs, social media and/or website to direct people wanting to buy a Zumio. When the referral link is clicked a 180-day tracking cookie starts allowing you to earn a 20% commission if a purchase is made during the 90-day window.

The affiliate program only applies to consumer purchases of Zumio at the online retail MSRP pricing level.

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