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Zumio Featured Podcast – AllTheSexPodcast.com - Season 4 - November 2017
Podcast hosts Mark & Rebecca talk with Steve Traplin the VP Sales of Zumio about their couples experience with Zumio Classic.

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I call the Zumio my Bionic Finger!. The intensity is amazing! No problems achieving an orgasm with this device! The tiny tip means you can loose your spot easily, and the location of the buttons can be confusing to go faster or slower as you have other things on your mind. I find the angle makes it difficult for your partner to use on you as well. All these things can be overcome once you get used to it. Lube certainly makes it much better as well!


While there are a few women who enjoy patterns (mostly for foreplay), most of us can’t stand them.


A very cool toy! It holds the charge long, and while pointy, is not sharp. I am not clear if the up and down buttons actually change the speed... there is no tactile feedback that pressing the buttons does anything and I can't really tell if the speed changes... but it definitely works to bring pleasure!


This toy is portable instant heaven. The controls are super easy to use and it has a very simple charging mechanism. I can travel discretely as it looks like a vibrating toothbrush. I have just started exploring the possibilities of this toy and I can't wait to learn more 🙂


Took me a few minutes to figure out how to charge the battery. (Remove the plastic on the base of the Zumio before you put it in the charger) I panicked a bit ... one climax had me hooked. I did not want to be with out my Zumio even for a day. Light weight, easy to use and delivers as advertised.


This toy is definitely unique. It absolutely delivers, every time. If you're looking for something different & very intense, this is for you! It's so intense I almost wish it had a lower setting, which isn't a usual objection!


“I am no stranger to high-end toys but the Zumio is an absolute game changer - solo and especially with a partner. This is the best investment I have ever made as it has introduced me to earth shattering orgasms.”


“Sleek design, beautiful packaging, well thought out, took me from "0 to Oh my.." in less than a minute. Every woman deserves this much pleasure!”


This is amazing!! My partner and I really get off with this little bundle of vibes... I get the orgasms he gets the hard on of life getting me off... don't question yourself this is so worth it!! Over and over and over again 😉

Lorrie Ann

Fantastic device! Incredibly innovative design that works wonders. Lived up to the hype and surpassed all expectations. I would say a game changer for clitoral orgasms. Hope to see more from this great company!


I love my zumio! It's super easy to use with it's 8 speed feature and never takes more than a few minutes to climax. I would recommend it for anyone looking for a vibrator, whether you're new to the market or in for an upgrade...zumio is amazing!


Great toy with lots of different speeds and easy to use. Very different from other toys I have used, so it takes a little getting used to - but once you figure it out it's a great toy!


I was very excited to receive my Zumio. I'd heard the buzz (pun absolutely intended) on Twitter and I had been dying to find out more. The staff manning the Zumio booth at the trade show I attended were impeccably trained and gave me a lot of helpful information, they also seemed really passionate about the product.

My excitement grew as I unboxed the Zumio, the packaging is so gorgeous - exactly what you'd expect from a high-end toy and more. I loved everything about the look of it, it even comes with a lovely travel bag.

The Zumio doesn't look at all intimidating, it's fairly compact. So I was blown away by the sheer power when I switched it on. It was my first ever oscillating toy and I think it will be my last, I have no need of any other! It has a great array of speeds and the pinpoint accuracy is just what I need to have deeply satisfying orgasms. I don't think I could do without it in my life now.


"If you don't already own a Zumio, drop everything right now and buy one."


"My Zumio is the absolute best investment I've made! Earth shattering orgasms every time!"


"The Zumio is AMAZING! I've never had an orgasm so quickly, it is definitely my new go to toy!"


"Great toy with lots of different speeds and easy to use. Very different from other toys I have used"


"I was immediately won over by this toy and it has quickly become a staple in my toy box at home"


"OMG the BEST PERSONAL PLEASURE DEVICE IN THE WORLD for clitoral stimulation."


"The Zumio is like that commercial zoom zoom zoom and then you done! Lets just say that it doesn't really interfere with your day, it's quicker than brushing you teeth!"


"Intense, unique, meant for women, very focused, pleasurable, stimulating, orgasmic"


"Super fun. Definitely a great tool to add to your tickle trunk."


"Mind blowing. Throw away every other product that you own, you won't want or need them after using this one."


"A very cute little vibrator that gets the job done! Not your typical ginormous dildo."


"The vibration is so deep that at least I found heat in all the body. This is obviously my new favorite item"


Never before have I ever filled out a review. I have never taken much credence in them for many reasons. But this product has changed my mind to the point of wanting to share our experiences with it so far. My wife and I have been married for very close to 31 years and still have a very exciting, fulfilling and satisfying sex life. We are not strangers to using toys to enhance things. Like a lot of women, my wife would rarely be able to climax from just penetrative love making. Oral sex was big improvement but not always a sure thing. We started by adding a pretty standard shaped vibrator. This helped but got in the way and limited positions for intercourse and was always clumsy and interfearing during oral sex. Either by being in the way with clitoral stimulation or penetration with the vibe.
We tried several different ones with mixed success.
We did happen to find a We-Vibe that works very well with penetration. Half of it being inside and the other half wrapped up so it covered her clit. I could feel it inside of her, it helped to fill her up a little more and stimulate her clit at the same time. It was really awesome, but did nothing for oral. We both loved it and thought it was a 'game changer'.
This finally brings me around to the purchase of the Zumio. We were doing black Friday shopping (30% off, can't beat it) for a toy meant more for me than her or an 'us'. Walking through the store the shape of the Zumio is what caught my eye to start with. We stopped.and took a look at this skinny little vibe with a lot of skepticism. Something that small, really??? Compared to everything else on the market where it is all 'the more, the better', as in speeds, patterns and size, this thing is tiny and petite.
Reading the box and the claims we.both we jaded enough to say "Yeah, right".
But with the small size I had the idea that she could be using it to stumble her clit while I was licking it and it wouldn't get in the way so much. Then we looked at the price, wow was that a bit steep! But with the discount we purchased it.
Our first try at using it was sharing a shower after a long and early day of shopping. Getting to try my new toy to take the edge off from me until later in the weekend for a more main event, and for her to try out the claims for the Zumio box.
We started with me using my toy and her doing a 'reach through' from behind me to stimulate me with her hand. Even though I was not able to see her and was consertating on what I was doing I noticed her breathing had changed. It was way deeper and kind of raspy. Nice turn on for me. Very soon it got even deeper and she started to moan! That is something that rarely happens so I knew she really must be enjoying what she was doing! In no time she was leaning up against me, her hand had stopped massaging me, and she was moaning almost uncontrollably. She leaned harder and let out a very low, guttural moan that lasted for what seemed like a minute or more. I knew she had came and that it was a really good one! She told me it had been really strong and made her knees buckle. She loved the new Zumio already!
So when our main event time finally arrived we both were excited and looking forward to trying the Zumio out as we had thought about in the store.
We started pretty much as we always do with lots of foreplay. When we finally switched to going down on her, she was very wet and ready to go. Working my standard 'skills' she was responding like almost like every time before. Maybe I could get her off and if I did it would be a 'just ok' one. So.she grabbed the Zumio and on it's lowest setting starting to use it around her clit. With its small size it never interfered with what I was doing. In fact my younger would run into it or over it and her clit at the same time and she would quiver all over. This lasted for a few minutes as her breathing got deeper again and her legs would tighten and relax and then quiver some more. Finally as she started to moan and tried to tell me she was coming, her legs spasmed, her body quakes and she was unable to make even the slightest sound, she came!!! And when she did, she squirted!!! This had never happened in 31 years! She soaked my whole face, made me swallow at least three times to not drowned, and completely drenched the pillow under her butt!!!
Best experience with her ever! Of course she said it was the best orgasm she had ever had.
Needless to say, worth every penny spent. Best impusle buy ever! CAN'T WAIT TO USE IT AGAIN!
This is not just a game changer, this is a life changer. The claims on the box are true. Atleast the under a minute one. I want to find out about the 3 in ten minutes....if she can hold.on that long.

J & S

I have to admit I was skeptical at first. The wand and tip looked so small that I was afraid it would be too intensified a feeling in one spot, so to speak.

It was a pleasant surprise. Although it took less than a minute to orgasm every time I tried it, it seemed like a slow pleasant roll as I intensified the speed.

Fun and ergonomically easy to hold addition to my toolbox. Thanks Zumio!

Lynne B.

Felt wonderful and was quick to bring me to squirting orgasm (about 5 minutes). It felt better when my partner held it for me ie. a better angle from below. The buttons were a bit finicky and it was hard to tell when it was increasing in intensity. It’s definitely quiet! Overall, I really enjoyed it.


I masturbate a lot and have a good collection of high end toys for that purpose. I thought I had all the bases covered but my Zumio is something new and wonderful and its now my new favourite for not only solo but also partner play. I love how compact, light, quiet and easy to hold and direct it is. So natural, instinctive and unobtrusive. It adds a dimension to using a vibe that is unique in that it is so pinpoint and focussed I can play with sensations in each fold and crevice of my vulva and on every square millimetre of my clitoris without having to stimulate everything. With a Wand vibe its everything at once, with a bullet vibe it my whole clit at once but now the Zumio let's me do the left upper, left middle, lower left, left of my tip, top of hood etc and its hard to describe how yummy it is to isolate and play with each pleasure spot one at a time. Its great to do laps or patterns in and around and when I am about to climax I love to sort of scribble on my clit. The ride can take as long as I want but the direct and intense stimulation the Zumio gives means I can also be done in 2 minutes if needed.


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