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Zumio has in-store materials and online images to help retailers sell.

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An elegant way to showcase Zumio with 2 day rechargeable battery powered LEDs.

This product display stand holds both the Zumio X and Zumio S and comes with security cables if required.


Add brand and selling messages to the Zumio shelf display stands.

The Zumio shelf talker can be slid easily into the LED shelf display stand and comes with a triangle support, so it can also be used alone.

Acrylic Display Stand

Showcase Zumio to consumers in constrained spaces.

This product display stand is made of clear acrylic and holds either the Zumio X or the Zumio S for easy access on shelves and at the cash.

Acrylic Display Stand – Double

Showcase Zumio X and Zumio S together.

This product display stand is made of clear acrylic and holds both the Zumio X and the Zumio S for easy access on shelves and at the cash.


Showcase Zumio on slot wall, hanger pegs, or stand it on a shelf.

This product display wall stand can be used with single and double acrylic display stands.

BROCHURE – post card sized

Place take away cards into the brochure holder of the Zumio LED display stands.

Larger format customer take away card with information on the Zumio unique experience.

WALL BANNER – 11 x 17 inch

Zumio X and Zumio S products photo and Brand visible at a distance.

Larger format Zumio banner for walls and windows is double sided foam core for indoor use.

FLOOR BANNER – 33 x 72 inch

Zumio X and Zumio S products photo pop up trade show and retail store banner.

Largest format Zumio standard pop up banner comes with carry bag and roll away container.


Zumio X and Zumio S products User Guide card explaining key product features.

This card is a duplicate of the User Guide found inside the product packaging.

Zumio – NFR Sampler product

Zumio X – Not For Resale product.

Zumio S – Not For Resale product.

This NRF sample product comes with minimal packaging to enable store personelle to experience the unique pleasures of the Zumio technology.

Retailer Marketing Guide

This guide provides retailers with Zumio approved messaging and product descriptions for website and social media use.

Also included is a visual list of available media you can download for online use.


The 10 page retailer oriented help guide offers Sales Staff valuable insights and selling points for the unique Zumio SpiroTip technology.

The information in this guide has been collected from many sources on the best way to explain the Zumio difference.

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