cottage-senior-sex-lifeAgeing and menopause. It’s a time of massive change that can have a huge impact on your sexual health and wellbeing. But your changed body also presents an amazing opportunity for sexual exploration and discovery. The key is to relearn how your “new” body responds to different types of stimulation and how to trigger your arousal-desire-pleasure cycle.

The breakthrough is understanding your stimulation-arousal-desire-pleasure cycle.

The latest clinical sexual health research shows that the negative effects of hormonal changes can be overcome in many cases by effective stimulation and the ability to explore your body’s sexual response. A woman’s sexual response is complex, varied and non-linear. Many women can become aroused without desire as a result of engaging in sexual stimulation. Our arousal then triggers desire and our bodies become more sexually responsive. Effective stimulation of the clitoris also improves blood flow to the whole genital area. This works to further heighten arousal and improve vaginal lubrication. This leads to greater desire, less vaginal pain, and a better ability to achieve orgasm.

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And effective stimulation goes beyond your clitoris. In her book “Radiant Again and Forever”, Dr Prudence Hall states that 10 minutes or more of nipple stimulation produces enough oxytocin for most women to become aroused and ready for sex. For some, it is also enough to prepare their body for orgasm during intercourse or through clitoral stimulation.

Clearly, effective stimulation is the key to boosting your sexual wellbeing. But following menopause, your body will likely respond very differently than it did in your 20s or 30s. Stimulation may need to be more intensive than before, and you may discover that very specific zones around your vagina, and elsewhere on your body, respond in different ways with varying levels of sensitivity.

“Zumio is sex therapy, not simply another sex toy.”

Zumio is highly recommended for postmenopausal stimulation by sex therapists and sex toy experts because of its pinpoint accuracy and versatility, enabling you to explore your body and discover anew how you can enjoy new levels of desire, arousal, and sexual pleasure.

“The Zumio has a SpiroTIP that whirls around in tiny circles allowing the user to find the most stimulating spots for them,” states Clinical Sex Therapist Sue McGarvie. “It can be used on the nipples, clitoris, and all around the vulva. It is that amazing circling motion combined with pinpoint concentration that enhances blood flow to the areas that ignite arousal. Zumio is sex therapy, not simply another sex toy.”


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