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A. SpiroTIP™ Technology

During manual masturbation, women will instinctively and randomly change finger pressure, slow down, speed up and move their finger location as they need to increase arousal. It’s very “play by ear”. Zumio has a unique tip, stylus and patented motor clutch drive system, that enables the same natural motion and allows users to dynamically go from high speed and intensity down to a low speed and intensity, without having to touch a control.

Zumio X (the original Zumio) has a longer extension and smaller, harder tip, giving a different feeling and higher level of intensity compared to the new Zumio S which is designed for individuals with a little more sensitivity or interested in a less intense experience. The quality of the product and all other key components (motor, rechargeable batteries, inductive charger) are shared by both models.

Each person is unique, with a unique level of sensitivity. Even the same person can have different sensitivities and moods from day to day. If you crave intensity, choose Zumio X. If you’re not sure, Zumio S is a good choice. The two models provide different sensations, so you may want to own both, allowing you to explore the biggest possible range of experiences.

Using a combination of Placement, Pressure, and Speed

Intensity can be controlled by utilizing various combinations of pressure, speed, use of tip/stylus, and physical proximity to the clitoris. The “right” intensity for you will depend on:

  • Personal sensitivity
  • Where on your body you apply Zumio
  • How you use the Zumio tip or stylus
  • How much pressure you apply
  • Speed setting

We recommend that you ease into using Zumio. Start with the lowest speed setting, pressing slightly harder to slow down the tip and reduce intensity, and apply in surrounding areas first before focusing on the clitoris itself. Like anything new, practice makes perfect!

A. No

Vibrators generate much more energy than Zumio but Zumio delivers very high energy density at the small contact area TIP and the ability to use pressure to dynamically change speed and intensity makes the energy delivered to the clitoral nerve more selective so the brain gets very local nerve stimulation messages. Zumio is like an “artist’s brush” and highly responsive to the users’ specific exploration and experience.


Your Zumio device should be cleaned after each use with water and mild antibacterial soap and non-abrasive cloth.


Zumio is waterproof and can withstand being in 1 meter (3 feet) of water for a brief period of time.


Zumio product and packaging are RoHS safety standards-compliant and carbon neutral. We use recyclable materials, and pass all FCC-USA/EU-Europe certifications.  Instructions for the safe disposal of the rechargeable battery are provided in the Warranty Booklet.


Zumio parts are made from a combination of metal, high-quality ABS plastics, medical-grade silicone and high-performance grade thermoplastic.


Zumio can be locked to protect against accidental activation by pressing and holding the on/off button for 5 seconds. The product will pulse 3 times and ramp down to off mode to let you know it is in ‘lock-out’ mode. Zumio will not turn on in this mode.

To unlock, simply hold the power button down for at least 5 seconds until the unit pulses 3 times to let you know its back in normal use mode. You can then let go and press the on/off button to use the product.