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The quality of the product and all other key components (motor, rechargeable batteries, inductive charger) are shared by all three models.

Each person is unique, with a unique level of sensitivity. Even the same person can have different sensitivities and moods from day to day. The model differences are as follow:

Zumio S:
Zumio S is our least intense model. it features a wider, spherical tip and a short, flexible stem.  This distributes the stimulation over a wider area.
Zumio X:
Zumio X is more intense. Its spherical tip is smaller than the Model S and it has a longer, flexible stem. This creates a more pinpoint delivery of the rotation and therefore more intense stimulation.

Zumio E:Zumio E is currently our most intense – and most versatile – model. It features our smallest tip, which has a concave shape, and a curved, rigid stem. The curved stem creates an elliptical motion and the concave tip offers different contact areas, so the sensation will change depending o how you hold, twist, or angle the device. The combination results in precise and intense stimulation.


Your Zumio device should be cleaned after each use with water and mild antibacterial soap an non-abrasive cloth.

All three Zumio models feature unique tips and stems and deliver pleasure differently. The pinpoint stimulation and pressure allow you to control every part of the experience.

Zumio’s SpiroTip™ rotation versus vibration motion does not leave any numbing or tingling sensation in the hand.

Zumio is smaller than other products and allows you to pinpoint away from any sensitive area and focus on different areas for pleasure unlike other products that have a larger surface.

Intensity of pressure can be controlled through the tip/stem without using the up and down speed buttons.

Zumio is 100% waterproof to 3 feet (1 meter), whisper quiet, body-safe, and includes a 1-year warranty.


Zumio is waterproof and can withstand being in 1 meter (3 feet) of water for a brief period of time.


Zumio product and packaging are RoHS safety standards-compliant and carbon neutral. We use recyclable materials, and pass all FCC-USA/EU-Europe certifications.  Instructions for the safe disposal of the rechargeable battery are provided in the Warranty Booklet.


Zumio parts are made from a combination of metal, high-quality ABS plastics, medical-grade silicone and high-performance grade thermoplastic.


Zumio can be locked to protect against accidental activation by pressing and holding the on/off button for at least 10 seconds. The product will pulse 3 times and ramp down to off mode to let you know it is in ‘lock-out’ mode. Zumio will not turn on in this mode.

To unlock, simply hold the power button down for at least 5 seconds until the unit pulses 3 times to let you know its back in normal use mode. You can then let go and press the on/off button to use the product again.

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